Social Gaming & Virtual Worlds

Social Gaming & Virtual Worlds

formules offers strategic consulting, design and development services for Social Gaming & Virtual Worlds initiatives, combining a pragmatic project management style with particularly innovative creative design. The cross-sectoral know-how of formules’ dedicated team has enabled the company to be a first-mover in the sector, counting numerous implementation experiences with national and international clients.

Social Gaming & Virtual Worlds

Training and Education

formules proposes an educational approach to the Social Gaming & Virtual Worlds, offering brands structured training courses to facilitate the understanding of a rapidly changing industry.

The services offered include:

  • Training for companies
  • Educational workshops
  • Lectures, webinar and informative talks
  • Production of editorial content (infographics, white papers, research papers) on Social Gaming & Virtual Worlds topics

Strategic consulting

formules defines the dynamics and processes, providing clients with various services to better understand the structure of the industry and make informed decisions.

The services offered include:

  • Benchmarking and competitive analysis
  • Market opportunities’ evaluation and strategic planning for each of the project’s phases
  • Scrutiny and selection of the ideal platform to be used, based on the project’s aesthetics, target audience, and customer reach goals
  • Selection of engagement strategies and tools to be deployed throughout the initiative
  • High-level economic forecast of the project’s costs and revenues

Creative concept development

formules leads its clients through the creative process with the goal of defining a mid-long roadmap, taking into account the key opportunities and needs defined with the client during the consulting phase.

The services offered here include:

  • Creation of captivating formats to generate brand awareness and engagement: formules is capable of producing highly-customized experiences aligned with strategic objectives
  • Definition of marketing and communication plans
  • Involvement of professional figures from the cultural and creative world (artists, content creators, designers, musicians, creators, stylists etc.)

Development and Deploy

formules develops and deploys Social Gaming & Virtual Worlds projects, leveraging its in-house technical and strategic competences and an ample network of partners that can be tapped in during each step of the process.

Among formules’ services are:

  • Powering the experience visibility by activating our international talent network
  • Building experiences on multiple platforms. formules is specialized in Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft and in building custom proprietary solutions on Unreal 5
  • Definition of a project timeline and identification of key moments to involve end consumers
  • Implementation of social media plans using dedicated Social Gaming & Virtual Worlds native channels (ex. Twitter and Discord)


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